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Amazon Adventure 3D

Amazon Adventure 3D

“Amazon Adventure, director Mike Slee’s latest large-screen triumph…….” …”matches its imagery with an equally memorable story”. Slee’s film boasts such a high level of writing, acting, and overall production polish that youngsters may be fooled into thinking they’re watching a mindless blockbuster, when in fact, they’ve actually been fooled into thinking.”
Peter Debruge – Chief Critic Variety

“Visually  stunning” …”breathtaking detail, compelling plot…” “the images inspire wonder”.
Washington Post.

“Visual majesty”….” “a compelling narrative”
Smithsonian Magazine  


Flight of the Butterflies 3D

“Phenomenal IMAX 3D visuals…neatly balances entertainment and education. Bound to fascinate…”

“Fascinating….. Stunning photography”
New York Times

“… reminiscent of March of the Penguins in terms of its ability to tug at heartstrings… this miniature underdog story manages to take on human scale”

“It’s easy to forget “Flight of the Butterflies” is just a movie, as the 3-D documentary about monarch migrations looks and sounds so much like nature.”

“A stunning documentary that fills the screen with intricate caterpillars, lush and colourful gardens, majestic forests, and millions of orange-and-black butterflies, sometimes coming right at you in whoa! 3-D”
The Ottawa Citizen

“It is thought that Flight of the Butterflies 3D … could do for butterflies what the feature documentary March of the Penguins did for penguins” Scientists were overwhelmed by the footage at a preview. One of them, Chip Taylor, said: “The film is … truly extraordinary … I have been amazed by the overwhelming emotional reaction that revealing the scientific secrets of the butterfly has had – even the eminent board of science advisers had moist eyes when the lights went up.”
The Guardian UK

“Attention all grandparents, busy parents, aunts and uncles — if there’s one motion picture you must take an important child in your life to, it’s Flight of the Butterflies!”
Rancho Sante Fe Review

“Just Amazing … I love watching movies shot in 3D, but as good as “Avatar” was, it can’t hold a candle to “Flight of the Butterflies”
Hamilton County Herald

Hamilton County Herald


Meerkat Manor – The Story Begins

“In an era when kids are inundated with animation, and species are disappearing by the day, this refreshingly real film will naturally inspire wonder at the truth…”
Tribecca Film Festival

“The mix of ingenious editing, evocative narration by Whoopi Goldberg, and the stunning beauty of South Africa’s wilds make this a delightful experience. The rhythm-rich soundtrack of traditional South African music perfectly accompanies the astonishing shots of natural majesty that leave you wondering, how did they film that? The camera flies with the hawks and then dives underground to show claustrophobic footage of the meerkats in their dark burrows. They don’t hesitate to play the outrageously adorable card, either – the plentiful baby meerkats rank high on the list of nature’s little cuties.”
Genna Terranova TFF. Now – Amazon Studios.


Engineering Connections

“At last, Richard Hammond delivers a top notch multichannel series… he leads fascinating investigations into nuts and bolts issues – but we are talking hi-tech ironmongery here. Fantastic! If there’s been a better program on applied science in recent years, I missed it.”
Radio Times -Top UK Listing Magazine


Perfect Disasters

EMMY Outstanding Special Visual Effects for a Series.  Series Nomination.


The Gunpowder Plot

Exploding the Legend

“Irresistible to anyone with a weakness for the delicious combination of immediate spectacle and delayed climax. Very satisfying.”
Thomas Sutcliffe – The Independent.

“Best documentary – One to watch”
The Sun

“You’ll be glued”
Jane Simon, Daily Mirror

“Thoroughly enjoyable spectacle”
Daily Star

“Explosive telly”
Daily Express

“Must see TV”
Daily Mail

“Stunning reconstruction”
Daily Mirror

“Guido would surely have approved” “Explosive Stuff”
Radio Times  

“A real cracker!”
TV Times

“A cross between Mechanibals and Timewatch, its great fun and there is a bit of proper history smuggled in there too”

Adrian Pettet, Sunday Express


Bugs! 3D

“….. a masterwork of reality storytelling. It’s easy to see why BUGS! -“A Rainforest Adventure” is one of the most popular IMAX films ever.”
Jim Slotek – Toronto Sun

Breathtaking photography, stunning special effects and entertaining commentary from Judi Dench.
****(Four Stars) Natasha Aitken – Empire Magazine – November 2003

“Amazing, essential viewing for every school kid in the country and their parents.”
The Times

“This IMAX feature is so cleverly done that it grips us like a narrative feature, taking us deep into the rainforest of Borneo where we see the world from a Bug’s eye view and this is a real film not animation. Its genius is the way it makes two of the principal critters into characters.”
Shadows on the Wall, International Film Review

“..the realism of the Discovery Channel with Disney’s charm”.
Vanessa Farquharson – The National Post

“…to Slee’s credit he does not attempt to soften the Darwinian rules of the jungle for our benefit. He is assisted here by narrator Judi Dench, her calm and modulated tones an ideal complement “
BBC Film Review

“Bugs! made me want to talk back to the screen, so involved in the lives of these insects that I was actually rooting for and against them. Not many movies about humans these days can do that.”
St Petersburg Times.


Connections 2

“It’s the same delightful dizziness inspired by splendid champagne. TV is rarely this tasty or this smart and hardly ever in such a whiz bang package”
Diane Werts – New York Times

“Challenging thought provoking television.”
Mark Dacey – The Financial Post

“A different way of approaching television – a thematic, essayist non narrative approach with wry wit.”
Robert Goldberg – Wall Street Journal

“A gloriously simple and entertaining way of explaining the world.”
Jeff Jarvis – TV Guide

“A new series of scientific detective stories, entertainingly zipping through history to tie inventions to social change.”
Matt Roush – USA Today

“Think of the best teacher you ever had in school, the one whose knowledge was amazing and whose enthusiasm was contagious and you have a decent description of Connections 2”
David Bianculli – The New York Daily News

“The bemused Brit is back with an even more fluid take on the same wonderful stuff. “
Erik Davis – Wired Magazine


After the Warming

“A near brilliant piece of television.”
Michael Hill -Baltimore Sun

“Combines scientific research with imagination and high tech creativity.”
Connie Koenenn – Los Angeles Times

“This is a fine show, beautifully produced with never a boring moment.”
Hariet van Horne Total Television

“The best non fiction TV of the season .. a 2 hour tour de force.”
Joanne Ostrow – The Denver Post


Legend of Loch Lomond

“Intimate, expansive, lively, original and a model for all future large format dramas.”
Ben Shedd – LF Film Director and Academy Award Winner

“Legend of the Loch is one of the very best dramatic films done in large format and shows us the road to follow.”
Chris Rainer – President Large Format Cinema Association

“A lovely credible film.”
Andy Gellis – Senior Vice President IMAX film corporation


Wildfire – Feel the Heat

“Extraordinary now-you-are-there movie. Perhaps the closest you’ll ever get to being in a raging forest fire.”
Chicago Tribune

“Finally a great film about wild land fire fighters. For the general public this film may be the most realistic exposure to the jobs performed by wild land fire fighters and the risks they take.”
Fire Fighter magazine

“Very cool!”
Washington Post