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Mike is a multi-award winning British documentary filmmaker & Executive Producer known for creating content that makes the complex accessible and entertaining. Mike’s filmmaking focuses on people and storytelling with history, science, art and the natural world his favourite subjects.

His work as writer, series producer & director include a range of memorable high-end films for BBC, National Geographic, Disney, PBS, Netflix, ITV, Amazon, Discovery, Curiosity and many more – including IMAX®️ 3D, Simex Ride films and bespoke VR projects for headset delivery.

2024 saw the Netflix release of Alexander: The Making of a God – Mike was the series documentary director on this project over 2022/23. It told the story of the tumultuous first half of the life of Alexander the Great, through his radical transformation from warrior prince to living God. Also, in 2024 IMAX released Fungi: Web of Life 3D. Mike was producer/director for all the UK shooting, with best-selling author Merlin Sheldrake, on this giant screen movie that explores how fungi make our world, change our minds and shape our futures.

Filmed in 2021 released in 2022/23 Mike was the Drama VFX Director on Secrets to Civilization…shot during Covid it explores how modern science reveals the environmental forces that have shaped human history, offering a fresh perspective on the ancient world from the Bronze Age to the fall of Rome…. including, ironically,  the Great Plague.

In 2018/19 Mike was Series Director on National Geographic’s Lost Cities with Albert Lin. During six high-tech adventure missions Albert unearths the secrets of some of the world’s most legendary and mysterious civilizations. Utilizing ground-penetrating radar, LiDar and 3D photogrammetry he joined boots-on-the-ground archaeologists to discover, and then re-create in 3D graphics, unexcavated worlds.

The first series visited some extraordinary sites of antiquity, including Acre – home of the Knights Templar in Israel, Nan Madol – the Lost Kingdom of the Pacific in Micronesia, Machu Picchu in Peru as well as Ciudad Perdida – the city behind the legend of El Dorado in Colombia and in Jordan – Sela, the original lost city that was the inspiration for Petra.

The series has been described as “epic, adventure archaeologyand aired globally in 172 countries and 43 languages throughout 2020.

In 2016/17 Mike was co-creator/director/EP on the 6-part series ‘Mummies Alive’ (History/Smithsonian), he also produced & directed ‘Drain the Ocean – World War II’ (National Geographic) and co-produced & directed the feature doc ‘Amazon Adventure 3D’ – “a triumph…breath-taking visuals with an equally memorable story of discovery” – Variety April 2017.

Previously Mike directed the 90-minute science fiction feature ‘The Great Martian War’ (History/EOne), ‘Robots’ with Simon Pegg (NGC), ‘How to Build a Planet’ Richard Hammond (BBC1) Samuel L Jackson in Discovery’s Curiosity (series 1 Ep 7) and the 3D IMAX ‘Wild Africa’ Helena Bonham-Carter (BBC Earth).

Other projects range from the Explorer documentary – Shackleton’s Whisky, the feature film Colombia’s Wild Magic, the IMAX Bugs 3D (Judy Dench), the series Among the Apes (Charlotte Uhlenbroek) and the wildlife feature based on the hit TV series Meerkat Manor – The Story Begins (Whoopi Goldberg) for Animal Planet.

Mike’s projects have received Ace, Panda, Lumiere and Emmy awards and been Oscar shortlisted, BAFTA nominated and won twice at the Jackson Hole Film Festival and Wildscreen. His Giant Screen 3D feature ‘Flight of the Butterflies 3D’ won a 7 category clean slate in the Giant Screen Cinema Awards 2017.

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